Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Officially Retired But Working More Than Ever

I have officially retired from working outside the home, but I really am working more than ever. The difference is I work at home in a clean house with all my laundry done. The weekends with my husband are fun weekends without having to do chores. 

I have devoted more of my time to designing crochet projects and doing a lot with ebay. My daughter-in-law Whitney taught me how to use Instagram (Sueallencrochet) and I am slowly learning all the social media nuances. Way too much information out there. Although I would die without my Pinterest. I started with a board called Crochet I Love and it got so big I had to break the boards down to what they where, Crochet Afghans, Crochet for the Home etc. I can be found at Sue Allen Crochet - Pinterest

My last project is an afghan for a friend, I found the pattern on Pinterest and found out the designer offered a kit through Wool Warehouse. Shipping was fast and I finished in time for her housewarming. The yarn was sent in a bag to hold all your thread and detailed instructions on how to make. Just remember the instructions were written in UK terms, but very easy to convert. Contact me for info if needed


Wool Warehouse has good prices and quick delivery. The pattern is offered for free with a wonderful tutorial on the Attic 24 blog. 

HINT: Use a credit card that does not charge an overseas fee. The conversion to pounds will be calculated by your credit card and really isn't that bad. If I remember correctly it was around $34.00.